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Here at the best concrete Staten Island company, we go above and beyond for all of your exterior construction needs. it does not matter whether or not you need repairs, installs, or replacement work done, we have the top rated Staten Island Contractors in the area that are available at the drop of a hat for you. incredibly dedicated and committed so our customers on a consistent basis has allowed us to amass quite the reputation in the immediate areas. We have a simple three-step process that has changed the game for all Construction done locally. 

We pride ourselves on being affordable, reliable professionals and punctual on a daily basis. Our supervisors lead our strong-willed and skilled laborers by example. When you hire us a supervisor will be on site at all times to ensure proper safety security and more are present for you.  Our services include driveways, patios, waterproofing, foundation repair, sidewalk repair, epoxy flooring, residential, commercial, walkways oh, and retaining walls. We highly suggest that you do not wait any longer and keep putting off the work that you need done on your residential property or business property. Our customers prefer us for many reasons and we should mention that we have been excelling in our craft over 20 years. We are a family-owned business I take great pride in doing the best job humanly possible for our people in need of great concrete companies in Staten Island.

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We are happy to work with you on prices that you can afford and offer financing to those who qualify. We go out of our way to make the budget that you have set aside work for you and us. Would you like to see our portfolio of work?

When you get us on the phone be sure to request our portfolio and we will bring necessary credentials to show you why we are the best concrete has to offer. We provide well-written, detailed free estimates to all who inquire. 

 We also should mention our new implementation of stamped concrete. This is an incredible service that we offer where our designers can craft a beautifully presented job to you at a very affordable rate. the range of services that we bring to you here will allow you to make the best decision for you, your family, or even your business. 

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It is better to invest with the absolute best of the best in your area. We do not recommend choosing the cheapest contractor locally, because it never ends well for anyone. The way we do business here will take your home to the next level. 

New Heights is very attainable when you hire us. Let’s get you started with free pricing and then see how we can be of service to you. make sure to tap the click to call button or if you would like to request a callback be sure to fill your basic contact information in the form and submit. 

Our friendly staff will reach you shortly. We’d like very much to hear from you and bring amazing work to the table.

Be sure to hire fully licensed and insured companies in the area before you allow anyone to touch anything that you own